Longrain Melbourne

I’ve been told by numerous colleagues and friends I should check out Longrain Melbourne and I finally did!

Popped in for a quick dinner yesterday as I was walking through the area and I was impressed enough to add it to my list to revisit for a full dinner.

In a city with so many Asian Fusion restaurants, Longrain is a mainstay, having been around since 2005. Constantly rated with a Chef’s Hat (Australia’s answer to the Michelin Guide imo) and rated 3 Hats on Gault Millau, Longrain’s menu is a mod-Aussie take on Thai cuisine.

After a good summer walk, I started to cool down with the Yarra Valley’s own Four Pillars Navy Strength G&T. The Longrain team topped it with some finely-julienned ginger, native finger limes, and some Strangelove Tonic.

What stayed with me most throughout my meal was the way Thai flavours were being used but not overpowering the characteristics of the ingredients themselves.

I’ve eaten at too many places that try to use foreign flavours to the extent of them being overbearing. In food, it is definitely possible to have too much of a good thing and kudos to the Longrain Melbourne team for balancing that real well!

I’ll definitely be back for a proper meal soon.

Freshly shucked Tasmanian oyster, red chilli nahm jim, crispy shallots

Betel leaf, smoked trout, green papaya, lime leaf & salmon roe

Caramelised pork, prawn, peanuts on sour pineapple

Salt & pepper silken tofu, crispy shallots & sweet soy

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