Quick, Low-involvement Oven Roasted Chicken

Like most of the world, Singapore is now in a semi lockdown state. Most people who can work from home are doing just that. So, what do we do for food?

What if you want to be able to cook your own meals but have to juggle working work calls and video conferences, looking after kids, housework, accompanying the seniors to the doctor?

I say it can still be done! Just keep it simple, and you can still eat good home-cooked meals without having to spend hours in front of the stove.

Here’s something simple I whipped up in under 30 minutes today using just the oven today, and you can do it too!

– 2 chicken cutlets (thawed), pre-marinated and frozen
– root vegetables, rough cut (I used broccoli, cauliflower, onions and carrots)
– pepper

I heated the oven to 200°C, and prepped the bed of root vegetables, sprinkled some ground black pepper, and laid the chicken on top so the goodness would seep into the vegetables.

Into the oven for 25 minutes, plate and serve!

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