Food and Wine pairings in the modern era

Just wanna put it out there. Who says food and wine pairing needs to be a complex affair?

Last weekend we had a close friend over for dinner. We put together some simple Japanese fare thanks to the abundant produce available from Meidiya Supermarket at Liang Court.

Soba with Yamaimo (Japanese slippery mountain yam), Shishamo, Sashimi, an Oden with (soup base from Takashimaya in Tokyo), Cold Tofu.

So what drinks would go with that?

We had a beautiful Champagne Ruinart “R de Ruinart” Brut NV for for starters. Comprising 40 percent Chardonnay and 60 percent Pinot Noir, R de Ruinart combines reserve wine (40 percent) and is aged for at least three years. 

This was followed by a sublime namazake, also known as nama shu / nama sake. Unpasteurised sake has a much shorter shelf life and this 冰室生酒 junmai daiginjo expression from Nika Brewery (c.1695) in Takayama made for real easy drinking.

We then finished off with a Boat O’Craigo 2015 Braveheart Cabernet Sauvignon, a nice chunky red (by Yarra Valley Aussie wine standards). As a 94+ pointer on James Halliday’s annual wine review, this wine has been rated amongst the top 5% of wines around the world.

Yeah we had alot of seafood and no red meat but who says we cant enjoy everything from a light bubbly to fresh sake and even a big red?

Don’t read too much into wine pairings. Everyone has a different palate, trust yours!