Who Why Where What When How

Once upon a time, a boy said to a girl, I wanna set-up a foodie blog. And she said do it! And he dragged his feet. And somemore. And finally, he did it!

I’m just an average guy who has been interested in my food for the past 20 odd years, from high-brow restaurants to quaint little eateries, neighbourhood food centres to fast food, around the world and back again.

I love eating. Not just eating but understanding my food and why it tastes/looks/smells the way it does. And I would like to share it with you! Yes you, my soon-to-become avid reader of this blog =)

I live in sunny singapore but have had the privilege of travelling to many diverse locations around our interesting world, be it for pleasure, study or for work. My culinary explorations have sadly not been documented by photographs much due to my lazy self but I promise to change that! I’ll back up my foodie reports with photos when possible and I do hope to bring you my readers some interesting offers and promotions when I chance upon them!

So long for now! There’s much to do. twitter and facebook to set-up, email to configure, this blog to arrange!

Stay tuned for my first food report! Possibly looking at reviewing a BRAND NEW outlet on singapore’s best strip of sand next week!

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