Father’s Day Dinner at Sing’s Kitchen

Well it’s been awhile since I last blogged so here goes. I’ve got a couple of friends who’re based in the UK now, back for a visit and we were thinking of going to an asian cuisine place. Sing’s Kitchen came to mind! Just went there a couple of weeks back for Father’s Day dinner with the gf and her family and I must say it was pretty awesome.

Tucked in the sleepy side of the Lavendar area, amidst a couple of bike shops, what sets Sing’s Kitchen apart is really it’s cheery outlook that one gets once it catches one’s eye. Decorated as a traditional chinese eating house would be, with ornate wooden furniture. you almost forget you’re there to eat zhi char as soon as you step in as a gust of cool air greets you.

Opened in May 2009, Sing’s Kitchen is helmed by Chef Richard, an industry veteran of more than 30 years. Along with Chef Richard’s philosophy of using only the freshest ingredients, the restaurant aims to couple the best standards of service with affordable pricing.

Food wise, the girlfriend had dined there prior to my visit and thus she recommended a few dishes for us to try. A true foodie in her own right, we went along with her suggestions. Having worked jobs that have always required me to work to the wee hours of the morning, I’ve eaten at a fair number of zhi char stalls and I must say this has been done in a way that is more refined, while retaining the taste. The Almond Coffee Ribs allowed me to actually savour the goodness of the coffee beans working their magic around the ribs. And it did not stop there. This was further topped with chopped almonds that still retained their earthy taste. Simply put, heavenly!

Also definitely worth a mention was the Homemade Beancurd with Brocolli and Minced Pork. The luscious oyster sauce brought the dish together very well. If I had a mouth large enough, I would have had the minced pork, brocolli and beancurd in my mouth at the same time!

Sing’s Kitchen belongs to a new breed of chinese restaurants trying to set themselves apart from the rest. We placed our orders and made our reservation online and thus didn’t have to wait long upon arrival Service was pleasant and prompt, absolutely not intrusive. It’s always the little things that speak volumes and in this case, the lady boss served up a little platter of home-made achar , to go with the Thai Roasted Chicken without us even requesting for it!

I certainly look forward to my next visit there! Given that it’s relatively near my house, that should be soon! =)

tea almondcoffeeribs
vegetablewpresegg beancurd

Sing’s Kitchen is open 7 days a week, from noon till 11pm.
308 Lavendar Street S(338814)
Parking available at Kempas Road (just behind)
Reservations: info@singskitchen.com.sg || +65 6392 2022

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