Food For Thought @ Singapore Art Museum

So i’ve been feeling a little artsy fartsy of late so went down to the Singapore Art Museum last week with the gf to check out the Walter exhibition and the main gallery as well.

Before that, we decided to grab a quick lunch at Food For Thought, located at the annex side of the museum called “8Q”. This little restaurant is based on the idea of “Food for a Good Cause” and I thought it would be great to do a little good while filling my belly. =)

A complete sucker for outlets that serve breakfast all-day, I decided to get “Full Works”, their all-day breakfast set that came complete with perfectly fluffed scrambled eggs, bacon, sauteed garlic mushrooms, chunky and brilliantly seasoned chicken sausages, hash browns and a toasted brioche topped with a roasted tomato salad. The gf decided that she wasn’t very hungry and thus decided to go with a Calamari, Prawn and Salmon Risotto.

The food came piping hot and I tucked in after taking afew quick snaps of the food. Absolutely adore the scramble eggs! Perfectly fluffed, with just the right proportion of eggs to condiments. Fantabulous in a single word! The entire dish looked just delicious and tasted just as good! The hash browns were served as little potato balls with great crunch on the outside and a pleasant softness on the inside.

On to the risotto, it did not look like the most appetising thing due to the paleness of the ingredients but upon spooning it into my mouth, all the impressions went out the window. The rice was cooked perfectly and the seafood, fresh. The only regrettable thing about the dish would have been the presentation. It looked just ok, but could certainly have done with more color and life. Having photographed hundreds of dishes, I found it hard to compose the picture in a way that showed off the character of the dish =(

Ambience wise, the crowd was pretty good for a lazy saturday afternoon so we had to wait a little while to get seated. It was a pleasant wait though, as there is a little corner of nick-nacks for sale, many of which have proceeds channeled towards a good cause.

The restaurant was cleanly decorated, simply furnished with the use of alot of whites and wood. The ceiling piece was made up of glass bottles. The story behind that is that the pasta that was contained in the bottles was donated to charity, and the bottles then used as a decorative piece for the ceiling. Absolutely brilliant!

If you’re headed there, feel free to bring a nice bottle of wine to go along with your meal. They serve alcohol but should you prefer to open that special bottle of wine for an occasion, a nominal $10 corkage fee applies. Very reasonable don’t you think?

Also, do drop in some cash into the jar they have by the counter, as a little reminder to us to be thankful for the abundance of fresh water here in Singapore. All proceeds go towards Living Water International (, with every $2 donated providing one African with fresh water for an entire year!

Food For Thought @ 8Q is open 7 days a week, from 9am till 10pm.
Breakfast and Sandwiches are served till 5.30pm and the rest of the menu is availble till last order at 9pm.
8 Queen Street S(188535)
Reservations: || 6338 9887

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