Bintan Lagoon Resort

Couple of weekends ago the girlfriend and I headed over to Bintan Lagoon Resort for a little rest and recreation. It’s been a pretty hectic time at work for both of us so we just needed to get away from work and from work communication for a couple of days.

What better way than to head over to this peaceful little island just a couple of hours away? The boat ride was great and we were picked up at the pier by staff from the hotel. Very nice and warm people, and to top it all off, we were upgraded to their newly-renovated wing! =)

On the topic of food, not much to shout about, it wasn’t anything to complain about, but neither was it over-the-top good.

Except for one of the meals we had at their brand spanking new beachfront restaurant:

Like something out of a magazine, the glass-walled restaurant exuded an air of exclusiveness, perched on a pristine stretch of beach just away from the bikini babes playing volleyball and the rowdy half-drunk beach bums. Don’t get me wrong, I like the beach life, but sometimes you just want a little peach and quiet to kick back for abit. And this was the perfect venue.

The house burger and quesadillas were served to us nice and warm. Totally digged the homemade potato chips served with the burger, plus a micro salad by the side to at that bit of crunch and freshness. The quesadillas were fluffy, and the wrap wasn’t too thick, as tends to be the case in South East Asia. For drinks, she had a nice tall glass of OJ and I had myself an ice-cold Bintang beer. I mean, what else would you drink in Bintan?!

On the whole we really enjoyed our stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort, and we cant wait to revisit!

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