Carlet Oneeeee!

The fiancee and I met when we were in Temasek Polytechnic. Back then, many a mealtime was spent in the Business Park, TP Business School’s canteen. She’d always have Fish and Chips and I’d always have Chicken Cutlet with Black Pepper sauce.

So the other day, the two of us headed over to the canteen after work, all the way to Tampines, to relive the memories of the days when we weren’t even together yet! Yes, the uncle who used to run the stall with his signature tone of “carlet oneeee” is no longer around, but the food still tastes the same.

The canteen still looks exactly the same. Even the “Be Considerate” signs are still the same.

It was good to be back in the place we spent almost 3 whole years of our lives. The place where we met, hated each other, and then became best friends =)

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