So it’s Friday night and you wanna just chill over a couple of drinks with some friends. Head down to Introbar!

We were there for their Gin & Tonic promo. Yes, a whole cart of gins! Apart from the usual suspects like Tanqueray No.10 and Hendrick’s, there were so many new options, many of which I hadn’t tasted before.

After going through a few, I’d say my fav was the Junipero, from USA. As the name suggests, the coniferous plant featured prominently, together with punchy black pepper traces, with a very mild citrus finish. So so good. However, the tonic water also plays as big a part in the success of a good ol’ G&T, so the Junipero Gin was paired with Fever-Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic Water. Fwah!

A happy camper I was =)

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