Raffles Hotel Singapore Mooncakes

Every year, when the Mooncake Festival rolls around, the mooncakes I look forward to most are the traditional Lotus Paste Mooncakes with Egg Yolks!

The fiancee loves the Teochew-style Flaky Yam Mooncake and her sis loves the Snow-Skin Mooncakes. Which I honestly have never understood the attraction towards.

However this year, my perception of Snow-Skin Mooncakes was changed by a guy in a suit. Was chatting with a friend over What’s App discussing what mooncakes to buy. The fiancee had been gushing about one of our friends getting the famous Raffles Hotel Snow-Skin Mooncakes with Champagne Truffle and Ganache so I was tempted to find out what all that fuss is about. Then came the chime of my office door and in came a guy in a suit. A delivery boy from Raffles Hotel. Bearing mooncakes. Yes, those mooncakes!

My friend couldn’t believe the coincidence when I texted her a photo immediately. *Gloat mode*

To be honest, THEY WERE AWESOME. I’m so buying a box next year! =)

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