Dean and Deluca

After hearing so much about Dean and Deluca, I had to go and try it myself.

To be honest, I had my fingers crossed, hoping it wouldn’t be like many an international food brand that has come in and flopped miserably.

However, I regret to say I  was left very underwhelmed, and a tad disappointed.

The fiancee and I dropped by and had the Dean and Deluca Breakfast, as well as the Mac and Cheese, an Iced Latte, and a Cherry Pie.

The Breakfast – the tomato was cold, scrambled eggs were overcooked, sausage was too dry.

Mac and Cheese – it wasn’t even hot!

Iced Latte – well, how do you screw up iced latte? So that was fine.

Cherry Pie – this was really good! Nice thin crust that still had sufficient bite to it, and the Cherry’s weren’t overly processed, retaining much of it’s natural taste. Really good, this was.

Would I go back again? Perhaps. Maybe after a couple of months, hoping something has changed for the better.

Dean and Deluca sits in Orchard Central, with a produce store right beside the cafe.

181 Orchard Road, #04-23/24

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