Hood Bar and Cafe

Last Friday I headed down to Hood Bar and Cafe at Bugis+ to chill with some friends. We had heard this newly-opened place has got pretty good food and different bands playing Live every night of the week so it was the perfect choice for a friday evening.

Arriving around 730pm, the outlet was still pretty empty when we first went in. Right in time for Hood’s Dinner Special promotion, we ordered 2 pints of beer and a Surfing USA Pizza for $30 nett. The tomato-based pizza had a slightly chewy crust and, and came topped with Garlic Prawns, Calamari, Mussels, Chili and Chopped Rocket.

As the evening progressed on, we also ordered the Sunday Morning 10″ Dawg (highly recommended by the staff). Believe me when I tell you it really felt like a perfect sunday morning. Meaty, and served with Bacon, Sunny Side-up, Chopped Red Onion and Cream Cheese. Fantastic.

As the band came on at 9pm, we moved into some bar snacks to accompany the drinks. The Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings really tasted like the authentic Har Cheong Gai we’d get at a Zhi Char stall and the Luncheon Meat Fries were, well, Luncheon Meat Fries! Impossible to go wrong there.

All in all, it was a good evening spent chilling with friends. We were seated almost right in front of the stage and we enjoyed grooving along with the band Smells Like Last Friday, fronted by singer and guitarist Clement Yang, who also happens to be a partner at Hood. One of Hood’s selling points is that it hosts a different band LIVE every night, catering to a wide variety of audiences and musical tastes.

On that note, it would be advisable to sit a little further back into the restaurant if you are trying to have a conversation as it can get slightly loud if you’re right up front.

Right now, in celebration of their official opening, Hood is having a number of promotions:
Lunch Special @ $18 nett for a 2-course Set Lunch and a Drink
Dinner Specials @ $30 nett for 2 pints of Beer and 1 Pizza or $20 nett for a glass of Red Wine and the chef’s signature Satay-marinated Lamb Chops or $20 nett for a bottle of Suntory Malt Beer and 1 10-inch Hot Dawg

Also on promotion are the Glenmorangie 10-years at $11 nett per shot or $168 nett for the whole bottle, and Hood’s loyalty card with 10% additional value for every $50 top-up and 20% additional value with top-ups above $300.


Hood is located at Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #05-07
For reservations, call 62218846
Visit them online at www.hoodbarandcafe.com or www.facebook.com/ilovehood

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