Wall Street Bistro

Recently, I heard that Wall Street Bistro had launched their new brunch menu and decided to pop by one sunday to try it out with some friends.

Round the table, we had people who work in the hospitality industry, a few bankers, F&B folk, and a couple of marketers. We regularly do meals or drinks together so I was interested to know how these people felt about the new menu from this newly-revamped restaurant at the junction of Figaro Street and Jalan Tua Kong in Siglap. And boy did we get to try many dishes since there were so many of us!

Here are the highlights:

First up, the Scottish Salmon Salad. When it arrived on the table, it was an awesome sight to behold. Think along the lines of your typical Smoked Salmon Salad, plus Charcoal Croutons, Pralines of Cream Cheese and a side of Honey-Grain Mustard. The salad and the croutons came together with a wonderful crunch, coupled by the smokiness of the salmon and a final kick from the cream cheese. This was a beautiful dish to look at, and to eat as well.

To share, we had the Crab Potato Cake (real chunks of blue crab here!), Truffle and Parmesan Fries, and Garlic Toast, which was served with what they call a “Meat Sauce Dip”. This was chunky, much like bolognaise, perhaps blended a little. This went really well with the Corn Chowder we had, served with compliments of the chef.

Round the table, we also had the Sunny Side Up with Bangers and Mash, the Scotch Egg, Ham and Cheese French Toast, Smoked Salmon & Truffle Scrambled Eggs, the Foie Gras Cocotte, ‘Ugly’ Duck Confit and the Mud Crab Meat Pasta.

The pictures below speak for themselves, but I wouldn’t be doing the wonderful food any justice if I left it at that.

The Scotch Egg was served with a nice runny centre, and the meat around it was cooked to perfection. Just the right balance between keeping the yolk runny and having the outside fried well! The bed of potato it sat on was a welcome change from the silky smooth Mash served in most restaurants today. Here, the chef opted for Crushed Potato instead, significantly reducing the butter and cream content, allowing the diner to enjoy the earthiness of the potato. Genius!

The Ham and Cheese French Toast had a nice bite to it, thick french toast, runny scrambled eggs, melting cheese, happiness on a plate.  As for the Smoked Salmon with Truffle Scrambled Eggs, we felt the eggs were a tad bland, but that was easily solved with some fresh pepper the staff were glad to provide.

The ‘Ugly’ Duck Confit and the Mud Crab Meat Pasta were big hits too. Served on a bed of Sarladaise Potatoes, the Duck Confit was well, properly “Confit-ted” and the Crab Meat Pasta worked really well with the flavours from the Tomato Sauce and the Pine Nuts. Very homely dishes, and definitely worth returning to check out.

To sum it up, this was a really good sunday brunch. The restaurant was quiet, service was pleasant, and the food wasn’t too fussy. Especially in the neighbourhood it’s situated in, it reminded me of what I’d have on the table if we had friends over for brunch on the weekend. Perhaps because of the revamping of the entire restaurant and the new brunch menu, it wasn’t crowded, so we were really glad we had the opportunity to check it out before word goes around and this place becomes the next hit location for brunch.

Definitely going back again, this time, to attack the Angus Cote De Boeuf. Reading from the menu, it promises to be 600 grams of meaty goodness. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into that!

Wall Street Bistro is located at:
1 Figaro Street (enter from Jalan Tua Kong) S(458332)

For Reservations:
6445 5669
Or via Facebook

Wall Street Bistro is open from 11am-2:30pm for Lunch from Tuesday to Friday and 11am-4pm for Brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner hours are from 5:30pm-10pm (last order at 9:30pm) from Tuesday to Sunday.



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