The Tastemaker Store – Gelato done right

Ice Cream Is Always A Good Idea. We’ve all heard that saying and we either agree or secretly agree.

Last night I was introduced to The Tastemaker Store and the awesome flavours in their Gelato selection.

Tucked in a quiet area of Havelock Road, this fresh looking store of Speciality Coffees, All-day Breakfast and Homemade Gelato has breathed new life into the nostalgic HDB void deck unit they occupy. With Scandinavian hues of white and brown used throughout the store, this felt like going to a friend’s house for ice cream. It wasn’t jammed full of tables in every space like many cafes today are, but you could have a very comfortable meal and coffee without feeling that your neighbour would hear every word from your mouth.

In what was their grandfather’s former bookstore back since 1965, the three Peh sibilings who run the business today have brought to the saturated F&B scene a unique mix of cafe chic and classic local notes.

The Gelato I had last night was fresh. It was light. It was full of flavours. It was the right texture. It was great. You know what it wasn’t? It wasn’t too sweet.

Trying the Black Sesame, Peppermint and Thai Iced Tea, all three were outstanding. The Black Sesame was sufficiently coarse, the Mint had a lingering After8-esque coolness and the Thai Iced Tea had that all too familiar bittersweet after taste.

While we weren’t allowed to sit in the store to have our ice cream as we arrived close to closing time, standing outside the store at the foot of an old block of flats, eating ice cream and chatting, it felt like childhood when we’d skip off to the neighbourhood mama shop for ice lollies.

I’ve definitely gotta come back to try their famous Yam Cake and Glutinous Rice one day!

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