Quick Meals – Tagliatelle Carbonara

At the end of a long day, sometimes you don’t wanna cook a massive dinner, much less have to do some epic kitchen clean-up after.

But who says cooking needs to be a big complex affair?

Here’s the wife’s expression of Tagliatelle Carbonara, done from scratch to plate in under 30 minutes.

Cue: Quick Meals – a series of simple recipes that are anything but precise. I believe dishes taste different no matter how closely you follow recipes. Your fridge might be colder, my kitchen might be hotter, his oven might be bigger, her pot might be larger. You get my point. I’ll share the ingredients, you do the proportions to taste and let me know what worked best for you!

Ingredients for 2 adults:

1 clove Raw Garlic – chopped

4 strips Streaky Bacon – chopped

3 Egg Yolks – beaten

100ml Cooking Cream

5 rings Tagliatelle – cooked Al Dente (remember to stop the pasta from continuing to cook by having it rest over ice once you reach the desired texture)

Olive oil – to taste

Sea Salt – to taste

Freshly-grated Cheddar


Freshly-cracked Black Pepper

Freshly-grated Parmesan

Finely-chopped Parsley


Heat your pan with oil, add the chopped raw garlic to brown it a little, followed by the bacon. Let it simmer till the bacon looks cooked, not charred.

Remove bacon from pan, pour cream in to simmer in bacon oil.

Whisk in egg yolks and cheddar, once again letting everything simmer for abit.

Add in the pasta and the bacon once more, tossing everything well to ensure the sauce is well spread around the strands.

Plate, garnish, and serve!

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