Saawaan – A Taste of Siam

I recently had the opportunity to dine at Saawaan, a fine-dining Thai restaurant in the bustling city of Bangkok.

Helmed by Chef Aom and Chef Paper, both of whom have been trained by and have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, this 24-seater gem was a dining experience like no other in the city.

As a regular visitor to the city, I look forward to new dining experiences each time and this time, I was very impressed with what I found.

Using traditional Thai ingredients, the team plated up dish after dish of strong yet well-balanced flavours.

Creatively naming each dish of the 10-course tasting menu with a single word such as RAW, FERMENTED, and CHARCOAL, the culinary team demonstrated a clear understanding of the ingredients at their disposal.

Employing a mix of traditional and modern techniques, there was a strong showmanship element in the number of dishes prepared and plated tableside.

Care was also taken to ensure that diners’ palates were ready for the next dish with clever use of amuse bouches at appropriate times over the course of the dinner.

Also worth lauding is the availability of fine Thai teas from different parts of the country, a sign that the beverage program in the restaurant did not come as an afterthought.

The culinary scene in Bangkok is changing so quickly just as it is in any other moving and growing city and Saawaan is certainly one of its bright shining stars!

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