Wing Wah Wanton Noodle House

Wing Wah Wanton Noodle House – 永华云吞面家 bids farewell at the end of August 2018 after 60 glorious years.

As one of the giants amongst peers in a land where wanton noodle shops dot every major street, this noodle shop has struggled much as others have to find someone to takeover the business in a way the current owners deem fit since 1998.

I’m so glad I managed to squeeze in one final visit this week before they lower the shutters for the last time.

What I like best is the springy texture of the noodles and the ratio of shrimp:skin in the wantons.

Fans have come from far and wide lauding the simplicity and taste of this old-world noodle shop, including the Michelin Guide. I have my opinion on that, but that’s a story for another time.

The sign out front now reads 光荣结业,which means they’re wrapping things up and exiting the business with their heads held high. Well-deserved, I’d say.

The bowls look like regular bowls of noodles but once you tuck in… perfection.

I’m going to miss sitting here on wet chilly Hong Kong days with a steaming bowl of noodles and a traditional glass bottle of Schweppes Cream Soda.

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